We are the energy saving experts!

As with any non run of the mill product, energy efficient components do cost more.  Paying more for the energy efficient improvements than what you are expected to save from the benefit just doesn’t make sense.  Even though building a home more energy efficient while remaining cost effective can be a lot harder than it sounds, we take the guesswork out of the equation and guide you to real savings.

According to the Department of Energy, as much as 40% of a home’s energy is lost due to air infiltration from drafts through wall outlets, attics, windows and doorways. Our energy saving system, which utilizes various methods, allows us to create a superior thermal envelope compared to standard building practices. A monthly average energy bill savings of 40% or more can be achieved.
With our “Super Energy Package”, James Grant Custom Homes, on average, are nearly twice as energy efficient as a standard built home of similar size. With a collection of money saving features designed to better insulate and seal the building envelope, from spray-foam insulation, radiant barrier decking, and energy efficient windows, heating and cooling expenses can be reduced by as much as 50%. With additional Savings from ENERGY STAR appliances that use up to 50% less energy and water, our homes are designed to reduce energy cost by up to 50%. That’s a substantial savings with an average of $50,000 throughout the course of a 30-year mortgage.
Go tankless! With the benefit of never running out of hot water, tankless water heaters also heat water instantly, use less energy, and take up less space due to not having a bulky tank heating water 24 hours a day regardless of usage. A tankless water heater can also last twice as long as the traditional water heater with an approximate 20-year life expectancy. Additional cost savings are gained due to the energy usage of a tankless unit which can be as much as 35% more efficient than a standard tank water heater. Greater energy efficiency and lower operational costs make a tankless hot water heater a smart choice.