The Construction Process Begins

Like many significant life events, building a new home is quite a journey.  The excitement and anticipation of starting is such a thrill, making selections and signing contracts with high hopes for a great experience!  For most people, the hardest part of the home buying experience can be what happens shortly after, the feeling of “waiting around” for something to be done.  Here’s what you can expect over the next several months.


Whats the hold up??

Just after signing your contract, you will not see much activity going on. Do not be alarmed! There is a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes activity going on. This is when we submit for various permits, finalize plans, and disperse blueprints to the plumbers, electricians and all other trades.  Any custom adjustments need to be confirmed with trades and suppliers and purchase orders are issued.  It might be several weeks before any significant activity starts, but rest assured that all of the background work is being completed to ensure a smooth building process.

Phase 1 : Foundation

This is when we prepare the lot, set foundation form boards, install plumbing and the engineering cable package in the slab and the concrete is poured and cured. As soon as the slab is poured, many people become concerned that their home will not be large enough. Looking at the foundation without walls can be very misleading. Approximate duration: 4-6 weeks.

Phase 2 : Framing

You will be amazed at how fast framing progresses. You go from nothing but the slab one day and few days later you have something that starts to take on the look of a house.  The rough framework with exterior and interior walls as well as the roof are completed during this stage. Approximate duration: 3-5 weeks.

Phase 3 : Roofing

This is when your home becomes “weatherproof.” Decking is installed along with flashing and shingles. Windows and exterior wall sheathing is also installed at this time.  Approximate duration: 3-5 weeks.

Phase 4 : Pre-Sheetrock Inspections

All of the plumbing, heating and air conditioning equipment, and electrical wiring are installed at this phase.  This is also when all required framing and mechanical inspections are completed.  Once all framing and mechanical inspections are complete insulation will be installed in the exterior walls and inspected.  Approximate duration: 3-5 weeks.

Phase 5 : Sheetrock & Exterior Wall Covering

Once plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and insulation inspections are complete exterior and interior wall surfaces are covered and finished.  At this time your home starts to take on its final shape.  Exterior wall coverings such as brick, stone, or stucco are installed.  Sheetrock, tape & bed, and texture is installed. Approximate duration: 3-5 weeks.

Phase 6 : Trim & Stairs

After sheetrock is complete and the texture has completely cured, the trim carpenters will install all the interior doors and trim molding, as well as stairs. Approximate duration: 2-3 weeks.

Phase 7 : Cabinets, Paint & Countertops

After trim, we will install the cabinets for the home. Countertops are installed, and all of the interior will be primed and painted. Approximate duration: 3-4 weeks.

Phase 8 : Final Fixtures & Floor Covering

After the initial painting is finished, all of your final fixtures are installed to include plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. This is also when tile, wood floors and carpet will be installed.  Approximate duration: 2-3 weeks.

Phase 9 : Builder Inspections & Touch-Up

At this time, a thorough quality inspection of your home, inside and out, will be performed to confirm that our high construction standards have been achieved.  Any miscellaneous items not meeting our standards will be corrected as well as all final punch and touch up items.  Average duration: 1-2 weeks.

Phase 10 : Homeowner Orientation

At this time we will introduce you to your new home, point out all the unique features and functionality of components, as well as discuss routine maintenance and your warranty guidelines.  Congratulations and thank you for becoming a part of the James Grant family!